Peter King keeps it real

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King is a great sportswriter whose columns are featured regularly at On Monday he wrote this about Adam “Pacman” Jones:

I have no interest whatsoever in Pacman Jones and [Barry Bonds]. I will be paying little attention to either of them – particularly Pacman, until the day he comes to his senses and begins behaving like a regular human being.

Despite the fact that Pacman is reportedly working on a hip-hop album, will focus on his on the field exploits, if he ever plays for the Titans again.

Peter King also urged fans to keep Vince Young’s absence from Saturday night’s preseason game in perspective:

No, Vince Young is not the next NFL problem child. The Titans punished Young for violating a team rule by keeping him out of Saturday’s preseason opener. The Tennessean reported Young skipped the last night at the team hotel to sleep in his own bed. Though Jeff Fisher pooh-poohed whatever happened and wouldn’t admit the hotel story was right when I spoke to him Sunday night, I was told by another Titans official the incident was true.

Kudos to King for not sensationalizing a minor incident in the life of a superstar.


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