Titans sign Simon … say what?

Continuing a trend of former Indianapolis Colts signing with the Titans, Corey Simon inked a deal with Tennessee today. Simon joins fellow ex-Indianapolis Colts Nick Harper and David Thornton on the Titans roster.

Simon was released by the Colts in 2006 after signing a mammoth contract in 2005. Why didn’t Simon play last year?

The “undisclosed illness” Simon had in 2006 was polyarthritis.

If it sound serious, it is.

Polyarthritis is arthritic inflammation in multiple joints and has many possible causes, such as an autoimmune disorder or an infection.

After terminating Simon’s contract earlier this month, Colts owner Robert Irsay called the team’s relationship with Simon “a bad mistake.” If the Colts were not willing to commit to Simon after signing him to a five-year, $30 million contract and a $14 million signing bonus, why are the Titans taking a chance on him?

Besides the enigmatic Alfred Haynesworth, the Titans must not have much confidence in the prospects of the defensive tackles currently on its roster.

Perhaps the Titans should have kept talented defensive lineman Robaire Smith, who from all accounts is having a very productive preseason with the Cleveland Browns.

However, as former Titans GM Floyd Reese said in this article about Kyle Vanden Bosch:

Just like every team in the NFL, you spend countless hours during each off-season evaluating your roster and ultimately making choices you hope will pan out in the long run. Some are slam dunks, some are risky and some simply take time to find out.

Let’s hope this risk pays off for the Titans … and for Simon.


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