Earl Campbell’s current business ventures

Note: One reason I chose the tagline “all Tennessee Titans and Houston Oilers all the time” is because, in addition to writing about current Titans news, I intend to write about the Houston Oilers and the current activities of former Oilers and Titans players. Here is the first post on TitansTracker.com about the greatest Houston Oiler, Earl Campbell.

Earl Campbell has become the poster child for what can happen to a football player, particularly a running back, who carries too great a burden for his team. Larry Johnson had this to say after recently signing a contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs:

“I never know what shape my body is going to be in six years from now. Will I be like Earl Campbell or will I be able to walk like Lenny Moore? You can never gauge that.”

Yet, despite the toll the game of football has taken on the Oilers legend, Earl Campbell is very active in the business world.

Some of you may know that Campbell is part of a number of successful joint ventures. He is president of Earl Campbell Meat Products, Inc. The company’s signature product is its spicy sausage, which now will be served in the new Earl Campbell’s Sports Bar located in the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The sports bar opens August 30.

Also, the “Tyler Rose” has partnered with Triton to open a chain of sports-themed auto dealerships named “Earl Campbell’s Pro Player Auto.” The first dealership opens in Texas City, Texas on September 8. And, of course, Campbell’s barbeque will be a featured item at the grand opening.

I do not know whether Campbell’s soup will be served at either the new sports bar or the auto dealership barbeque.


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