Extend Jeff Fisher’s contract!

I was reading an AFC scouting report on the New York Times website and this sentence caught my eye:

Coach Jeff Fisher’s job could be on the line, and the schedule does the Titans no favors.

My first thought was “The New York Times is supposed to be ‘the paper of record.’ How is Jeff Fisher’s job on the line? The Titans signed him to a new contract. Didn’t they?”

Jeff Fisher is a likeable young coach who would be hired in a heartbeat if the Titans let him go. I assumed he had been given a new deal during the offseason and I’d simply forgotten about it. “The Paper of Record” receives a lot of criticism and they were certainly going to hear from me about this.

Well. Jeff Fisher’s job may or may not be on the line. However, he has not been signed to a new deal?

No coach is perfect, but is the Titans currently have one of the youngest rosters in the NFL. Is he responsible for the salary cap dilemma and subsequent drop in quality veteran talent the team has dealt with over the past few years?

It can be argued that Vince Young had more to do with the Titans success last year than Jeff Fisher. Nevertheless, stability in sports is usually a good thing. The best thing for Bud Adams to do is to maintain stability on this club. You have a franchise quarterback, a great offensive line and emerging young talent at all positions.

Don’t allow Jeff Fisher to get a new high-profile job in the NFL or NCAA. Keep him with the Titans. Give Jeff Fisher a new deal now.


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