Titans expected to have horrible season

Titans fans have seen the projections. We’ve read the NFL magazines and the special sports sections with reviews of the 2007 NFL season. We know most of the prognosticators share these two opinions:

1. The Titans will not improve on last year’s 8-8 record and will finish last in the AFC South.
2. Vince Young will take two steps back in his progress as a quarterback this season.

What if the experts are right? Should we resign ourselves to a losing season and look forward to 2008?

Not so fast. Here are some things you might not have predicted last season:

  • The New York Jets did surprisingly well under first-year coach Eric Mangini: 10-6
  • Super Bowl contender Miami Dolphins and Daunte Culpepper were a huge disappointment: 6-10
  • The Baltimore Ravens’ regular season record was much better than expected with the addition of Steve McNair: 13-3
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers missed the playoffs after winning the Super Bowl in 2005: 8-8
  • San Diego didn’t miss a beat with Philip Rivers at QB; in fact, the Chargers finished 14-2
  • The Philadelphia Eagles lost Donovan McNabb but still won the NFC East with a 10-6 record
  • The Chicago Bears survived Rex Grossman’s erratic play, finished 13-3 and was the league’s runner-up: 13-3
  • Super Bowl contender Carolina Panthers finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs

and last but not least,

Rookie quarterback Vince Young led the Tennessee Titans to an 8-8 record and the Titans missed the playoffs by one victory.

If I’ve learned one thing over my lifetime as a NFL fan, it is this: the game of football is completely unpredictable. Betting on games and picking winners week-to-week is not how wise fans spend their time. It’s best to simply sit back and watch the games, and the season, unfold.

Go Titans!


One thought on “Titans expected to have horrible season

  1. JS says:

    I know pre season games don’t count – but I find it very interesting that the Titans won the pre season games that Vince was in. I would give the Titans very little hope except Vince is a magic maker.

    I was excited when the Titans drafted Vince. I’m an old Oiler fan. But now I’m bummed that it looks like Vince is stuck in a minor market, small vision & checkbook team that will keep Vince from achieving what he could. I wish Bud could surprise me for once in a positive way. Make up for what he did to Bum by supporting another Texas hero by surrounding him with play makers.

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