Earl Campbell regrets hitting Isiah Robertson

Earl Campbell is featured in the September 5th episode of CostasNOW. During Bob Costas’ interview of Campbell, the Oilers legend says he regrets the hit he put on Los Angeles Rams linebacker Isiah Robertson:

I finally had a chance to see him. And I said, ‘Man, I’ve been looking for you for many years, to apologize to you.’ And he’s all, ‘Man, it’s okay. It was just, you know, it’s just football.’ But because of that one run I think it did something to him, you know?

If you’ve ever seen an Earl Campbell highlight reel, you’ve seen this hit. Watch it again during this Hall of Fame induction video tribute to the Tyler Rose.

You can also watch it here:

No one, and I mean no one, runs like Earl Campbell. He was feared by defenders, and not in the same way Barry Sanders or Gale Sayers was feared. As a defensive player, you simply did not want to tackle this man. There are big running backs today who deliver punishment to defenders, but not with same intensity as Earl Campbell. He was a joy to watch.

I hope he looks back on his career with fondness, because he is certainly paying the price for his intensity.


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