Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Eddie George

Last week, posted an article featuring an interview of Titans all-time leading rusher Eddie George and his wife, Tamara “Taj” Johnson. Taj is a celebrity in her own right. She was a member of the singing group SWV (“Sisters With Voices”). Aside from a playful look at the dynamics of the power couple, Jemele Hill asked George about the current state of the NFL and his career with Tennessee, and he did not sugarcoat his opinions.

On Pacman Jones:

You look at Pacman Jones, and yeah, he’s not guilty of anything, but he had 11 run-ins with the law. When does it end? To me that says: I’m above the law. I can do what I want to do. It’s never my fault. So, at some point in time, you have to lay the hammer down and say, “Listen, this type of behavior will not be tolerated.”

On what drives him:

I like nice things, but that’s not what drives me. What drives me is to be great, to be the best at whatever it is I do and to really embrace whatever my life’s work is. It’s not about cars. It’s not about impressing people. I’m not going to sit up here and say I’m a saint or an angel and never did anything wrong. I made plenty of mistakes, but none where it was so big it was in the public eye.

Here’s a Q & A on how the Titans let go of Steve McNair last year:

Your split with the Titans was very nasty. When you saw Steve McNair go through similar things, what were your thoughts?

I wasn’t surprised. I’ve seen that organization handle players like that for awhile. But Steve was a franchise quarterback, the face of the organization, he had done so much. He played hurt on several occasions. He sacrificed his body and was told to get out. To be barred from the facility was absolutely disrespectful.

I agree with George 100 percent. This was one of the lowest moments in franchise history. McNair deserved to be treated with more class, given that he was the face of the Oilers/Titans franchise for over a decade.

What’s next for Mr. and Mrs. George? A reality show on TV One called “I Married A Baller.”


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