America continues to eat Vince Young

If you want to watch clips from Sunday’s incredibly negative Vince Young feature on 60 minutes, click here. The only good thing about the piece is that Scott Pelley never compared Vince to Michael Vick. Otherwise, Pelley and the 60 Minutes editors did a great job of making Young look like an arrogant jerk.

I found it highly ironic that Pelley said that public ridicule is Vince’s driving force. At this point, Vince Young has received enough public ridicule to propel him and the Titans to several Super Bowl victories.

Look, I’m a Tennessee Titans fan and a UT alum, so I’m biased, but this VY hatred has gotten out of hand. It’s completely absurd. Why isn’t America embracing Vince Young? What has he done to deserve so much irrational criticism?

Merril Hoge. Jason Whitlock. Michael Wilbon. 60 Minutes. Who’s next?

Merril Hoge led the Jay Cutler bandwagon last year. How far do you think the strong-armed but constantly-sulking Cutler will take the Denver Broncos?

And how about “Hollywood” Matt Leinart? Leinart is currently playing so poorly for the Arizona Cardinals that he’s been taken out of the past two games in favor of 36-year old Kurt Warner. Does anyone still think the Titans should have drafted Leinart?

Give Vince Young a well-deserved break from the irrational criticism and respect him for his leadership and improving play on the field.


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