Comment: Donovan McNabb controversy

Here’s what I expect to be my final comment on Michael Wilbon, Vince Young and the Donovan McNabb controversy:

Apparently, Michael Wilbon didn’t like Vince Young’s response to Donovan McNabb’s statements about black quarterbacks being criticized more harshly than their white counterparts.

With all due respect to Wilbon, whose work I generally enjoy, he’s completely off the mark in calling VY a self-absorbed jerk.

When Vince said “this isn’t my battle to fight” he was not referring to his status as a black quarterback combatting racism and unwarranted scrutiny or racism. He was simply saying “the battle,” in this particular case, belongs to Donovan McNabb and that it is not his job to defend McNabb or to become embroiled in this controversy. Vince simply wants to do his job.


To: Everyone
From: spOiler
Subject: Commenting on racial issues

Some African-Americans do not want to act as a spokesperson every time a question arises about a controversial issue involving another African-American.

Often, when an African American has achieved a significant accomplishment, you will often hear someone say that he looks forward to the day when race is a non-issue. When will journalists like Wilbon allow this to happen?


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