Why the Madden Curse might strike Vince Young

Vince Young pulled a quadriceps muscle in Sunday’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers. You couldn’t help but think “Madden Curse” when you saw Young hobbling off the field.
His status is uncertain as the Titans face the Texans in Houston in week seven. Word is that Vince is seeking help from a higher power so he can attempt to embarrass his hometown team again this year.

I heard someone say, in response to the idea of a Madden Curse, that football players get injured and that the injuries to Madden cover players are mere coincidence. This may be the case, but I see a scenario in which the curse might strike Vince Young.

Here’s a quote from Dr. Mike Pagnini from this article about Young’s injury:

“Any time you have a muscle strain anywhere in the body, the sooner you rush back the greater the risk you could re-injure it or pull it worse, just like with a hamstring,” said Pagnini, who also has served as team physician for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago White Sox. “The longer you wait, the greater the likelihood that you won’t re-injure it or pull it again.”

Vince Young wants to play Sunday. Real bad. As long as VY is the Titans quarterback, when the team travels to Houston, it will always be more than just another game.

Here’s the question: will Vince be humble and patient enough to rest until week eight against the Oakland Raiders, or will he rush back on the field and do further damage to his body? Is playing in one game worth risking injury and being out for the rest of the 2007 season?

The way the Titans defense is playing, Tennessee can beat the slumping Texans without Vince in the lineup. I hope VY thinks this through carefully.


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