Titans 38, Texans 36

Great game. The Titans defense did its best to give the game to Houston and Sage Rosenfels, but Rob Bironas and Kerry Collins saved the day.

Give credit to the Houston Texans for fighting hard at the end. The Texans scored 29 points in the fourth quarter and recovered an onside kick to close the gap on the Titans.

Story of the Game: Rob Bironas breaks NFL Record

Rob “My” Bironas set an NFL record by kicking eight field goals in a game, including the game winner, and lifted the Tennessee Titans to a 4-2 record. Bironas broke the Oilers/Titans franchise record in the third quarter after kicking his sixth field goal.

After the Texans went up 38-36 on a long pass from backup quarterback Sage Rosenfels to Andre Davis, Titans quarterback Kerry Collins, substituting for the injured Vince Young, drove the Titans to the Texans’ 11-yard line and set up Bironas’ game winning 29-yard kick with two seconds left.

The flip side of the coin is that Tennessee’s offense had multiple opportunities to score touchdowns and only produced two. Touchdowns, not field goals, would have put this game out of reach for the Texans.

The Other Story of The Game: Titans defense takes a fifteen minute nap

Today’s defensive letdown was a surprise. I would have expected the offense or special teams to break down instead of the defense allowing a backup quarterback to nearly produce a Bayou City Miracle.

Tennessee’s defense confounded the Texans offense during the first three quarters. Albert Haynesworth forced Texans quarterback Matt Schaub out of the game with an injury and Sage Rosenfels produced two turnovers on his first two possessions. Nick Harper recovered a Schaub fumble and intercepted two Rosenfels passes.

After three quarters, Tennessee led 32-7, and the Titans defense decided to take a fifteen-minute nap and never woke up. Perhaps the front four was tired after pressuring the Texans quarterbacks. Tennessee could not contain Rosenfels as Houston scored 29 points in the fourth quarter and almost won the game. Thank goodness for…

Kerry Collins

Props to Kerry Collins for managing the game and for his great performance on the game’s last drive which included a nice 46-yard pass to Roydell Williams.

Collins threw for 280 yards and looked very good throwing down the field. He was average with his short passes and threw no touchdowns. Nevertheless, he performed when it counted and put the Titans in position to win the game. It’s good to know Tennessee has a more than capable backup quarterback.

Sage Rosenfels

I’ve always wondered why Rosenfels hasn’t been given a chance to start in the NFL. I thought he looked good in limited action with the Miami Dolphins and he looked great today, despite throwing three interceptions. I don’t know if Rosenfels is better than Schaub, but there are at least five NFL teams that could use Rosenfels, including the Dolphins.

LenDale White and Chris Henry

Lendale White had his first-ever 100-yard game and scored a rushing touchdown. I found it interesting that he broke a 28-yard run soon after watching teammate Chris Henry run hard and score his first NFL touchdown.

Speed and quickness are good qualities. I hope Henry gets more carries.

Next Week

The 2-4 Oakland Raiders travel to Nashville. Oakland is struggling to find an offensive identity and the team’s only victories were against the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins.

It’s nice as a Titans fan for my team to anticipate winnable games. Let’s look forward to seeing VY back on the field and hope the defense plays all four quarters against the Raiders.

Go Titans!

Watch video highlights of the Titans-Texans game by clicking here.


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