Chris Henry picked wrong major, faces suspension

If you’re a college football player who wants to play in the NFL, you might want to change your major to pharmacy. Immediately.

Chris Henry, the Titans rookie running back who majored in philosophy at the University of Arizona,  is facing a four-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance. Interestingly enough, the banned substance was in a prescribed medication, is not considered to be performance-enhancing, and was not banned by the NFL last year. 

Is Chris Henry responsible for knowing the chemical breakdown of his prescription drugs? Does the NFL take into consideration when Henry received the prescription and what ailment was being treated? What if Henry really need to take this particular drug and has no viable alternative?

As an outsider, I can only speculate, but on the face of it, suspending Chris Henry seems unreasonable. Perhaps there is something the league knows that, if made public, would make the suspension seem more fair.  Without more information, it appears the NFL is playing “Gotcha!” with one of its own players.

Henry is appealing the suspension and should play today against the Carolina Panthers.

If Chris Henry, who rushed for 105 yards and two touchdowns over the past two weeks, is suspended, it will be a minor blow to the Titans offense. Backup Chris Brown is still recovering from an ankle injury, but LenDale White looks more like the running back who dominated while at USC. And Vince Young is due for a big game running and throwing the ball. Tennessee’s offense can survive the loss of Henry but his speed and quickness will be missed.

On another note, it’s not a good time to be named Chris Henry, or to have the surname “Henry.” Chris Henry of the Cincinnati Bengals is soon returning to his team after an eight-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy. Also, former Titan and current Denver Bronco running back Travis Henry is facing a one-year suspension for a substance abuse policy violation.


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