Is Vince Young thinking about retiring?

Remember this statement from my November 16 blog about Vince Young?

We’ve seen what happens to athletes when the game becomes work. When it’s no longer fun. When he can’t deal with unreasonable fan expectations. Some athletes turn to drugs or get in trouble with the law.

Other athletes retire early.

I don’t want Vince to retire because he’s not having fun …

I wondered if I was being melodramatic by suggesting that Vince Young might be worn out from criticism and thinking about retirement.

Turns out I was right.

Watch the Vince Young interview in this episode of Titans All Access.

I’m not trying to start a false rumor, but it’s clear that Vince is bothered by criticism. He mentioned Merril Hoge by name in the postgame press conference after the Broncos game.

He also knows it’s not reasonable to expect a second-year quarterback to play like Tom Brady. But do Titans fans know this? Does Merril Hoge know this?


One thought on “Is Vince Young thinking about retiring?

  1. […] November, I speculated that Vince Young might be thinking about retiring. He seemed to me to be the type of person who […]

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