Titans make good move by signing Mike Williams

The Titans signed receiver Mike Williams on Thanksgiving Day. Mike Williams might not be the answer to the Tennessee Titans struggling receiving corps, but reuniting with Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow may improve the Titans offense.

Of course, Williams was reunited with Lane Kiffin, former USC receivers coach and Oakland Raiders head coach, this season, and that didn’t work out so well.

Williams said he still has to learn the Titans’ playbook but is glad to be working with Chow. Those who thought his relationship was strong with Kiffin were a little off the mark.

“We have a relationship, but the relationship with Coach Chow is a lot different and a lot stronger,” Williams said.

Williams, the tenth pick in the 2005 draft, is with his third team in 2007. In April, he was traded from the Detroit Lions to the Raiders for a fourth-round draft pick.

The Raiders cut Williams on October 30, two days after dropping a pass late in a game versus the Titans.

“Maybe that drop was the straw that broke the camel’s back, I don’t know. I didn’t have a great first half of the season personally. But I am not here to dwell on the past and what didn’t work out,” Williams said, before showing his sense of humor.

“If you had to look at it, I already contributed to a win for the Titans, so I am already on the right track.” (source)

If the Titans were as impatient with its receivers as the Raiders, Brandon Jones and Roydell Williams would be free agents after Monday’s performance against the Broncos.

I like the Titans decision to sign Mike Williams. He has talent. He was a dominant receiver for two seasons at USC. He was a high draft pick. And he’s only 23 years old.

Granted, he’s not a burner and I agree with some observers who suggest he move to tight end. But hopefully he’s right about his relationship with Norm Chow and can prove he’s not an NFL bust. Sometimes a change of environment really makes a difference, and the Titans need help at receiver right now.


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