Titans 28, Texans 20

Haynesworth in, Titans win.

Of course, it wasn’t that simple, but Albert Haynesworth made a difference for the Titans defense on a rainy Sunday in Nashville against the Houston Texans. However, the star of the game was Vince Young.

Story of the Game: Vince Young’s Best Game as a Passer

Young deserves a lot of praise for his performance. He was accurate, decisive and made big plays in the passing game. VY threw two nice touchdown passes — one in the red zone — and completed 67.7 percent of his passes for 248 yards.

Aside from Young’s touchdown passes, no play was bigger than his third down pass to Eric Moulds between three Houston defenders with 4:05 remaining in the fourth quarter. The play allowed Tennessee to extend the drive and forced the Texans to take its last two timeouts.

Watching Vince Young over the past four weeks has erased all doubts in my mind about his potential as an NFL quarterback. If he stays healthy, he’s going to have a very good career.

The Other Story of the Game: Number 92 Returns

I saw something I hadn’t seen since Haynesworth’s injury: pressure on the other team’s passer. Tennessee’s defense had two sacks and an interception and knocked Matt Schaub out of the game for the second time this season. The defense did a much better job containing Sage Rosenfels than it did in week seven.

Unfortunately, Big Al’s return didn’t help the Titans run defense. Houston’s underrated offensive line created running lanes for Ron Dayne, who had 86 yards rushing on 18 carries and a touchdown.

I’d like to think that Haynesworth was playing tentatively and wasn’t as disruptive as he could have been; however, other players missed tackles and the defense allowed Dayne, who is not known for his speed, to break a 25-yard run.

Titans Running Game

The Titans had a very good day running the football. LenDale White and Chris Brown ran for touchdowns and a high per-carry average. Vince Young ran for 44 yards on 5 carries.

Next Week: San Diego Super Chargers

I shudder to think of what LaDainian Tomlinson will do if Tennessee’s run defense doesn’t improve. Hopefully Albert Haynesworth’s hamstring injury will be completely healed.

This is one of the two toughest matchups remaining on Tennessee’s schedule. Both the Chargers and Titans have a 7-5 record. If Tennessee’s defense can contain LT and force turnovers, the Titans have a chance to win.

Go Titans!

Watch video highlights of the Titans-Texans game by clicking here.


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