The emotional Vince Young

Teresa M. Walker writes a nice article on Vince Young’s emotional roller-coaster ride this season. Notice the reference to retirement in this quote by Young:

“Once you feel like this game is getting boring to you, it’s time for you to get out of here. I really feel like I’m really trying to get my teammates to keep having fun, laughing and joking around. When it’s time to get serious, let’s go to work and after practice we can have fun and joke around.”

Any fan who has watched a Titans game on television knows Vince Young does not like to lose. As to VY’s reactions to losses, here’s what Keith Bullock and Coach Fisher have to say:

“Some people can lose and go to a comedy show and totally forget about it,” Bulluck said. “Other people take losses harder. They’ll mope on it for a couple days. He’s a competitor. He’s won at every level, so you know, I think it’s just what it is.”

That competitiveness is exactly what Titans coach Jeff Fisher wants. A former NFL player himself, he’s seen players forget a loss by the time they reached the parking lot while coaches stew for days.

“Vince is unique in that he can’t shake it off that quickly, and that’s not a bad thing to me. I see that as a positive and motivating factor for him to get better,” Fisher said.

It can be argued that emotional maturity means a person is not only taking responsibility for himself, but is taking the appropriate amount of responsibility. VY may be a little too hard on himself, but I’d rather have him as my team leader versus a quarterback who could care less about wins and losses.


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