Chargers 23, Titans 17

With 7:29 on the clock in the fourth quarter, Tennessee led 17-10 and had the ball on the Titans 26 yard line.

The Titans gave the ball to LenDale White seven times in a row.

Let me repeat that.

The Titans gave the ball to LenDale White seven times in a row.

White’s seventh carry was followed by a Chris Brown run on second down. Brown gained one yard, and Tennessee faced a third and four on San Diego’s 46-yard line.

Vince Young’s 20-yard pass to Bo Scaife was broken up by Chargers linebacker Matt Wilhelm. The Titans were forced to punt.

Previous to the Young-to-Scaife attempt, VY had only attempted one pass in the fourth quarter.

Question: how reasonable is it to expect that Vince Young complete a twenty-yard pass on third down after not being in passing rhythm for over half a quarter?

Vince Young bashing is at a fever pitch in Nashville. I refuse to add fuel to the fire.

Story of the Game: Chargers have playmakers; Titans don’t

The Titans defense contained LaDainian Tomlinson in the first half and held the Chargers to 37 passing yards through three quarters. Early in the fourth quarter, Tennessee led 17-3.

The Titans coaching staff must have assumed that 17 points was enough to beat the Chargers, as evidence by its decision to run the ball eight straight times midway through the fourth quarter.

Someone must have forgotten that the Chargers have a Hall of Fame running back, a potential Hall of Fame tight end, and a Pro Bowl wide receiver on its offense.

Tennessee’s defense, which fought hard on Sunday, could not contain LT and the Chargers forever. San Diego scored 20 straight points in the 4th quarter and overtime to shock Tennessee and knock the Titans to the back of the wildcard pack.

The Other Story of the Game: LenDale White

LenDale White almost pulled it off. He rushed for 113 yards on 30 carries, caught two passes for 24 yards and scored the Titans final touchdown.

Did I mention that Tennessee called his number seven straight times in the fourth quarter? White gained 27 yards in the sequence. But it wasn’t enough.

Vince Young

Tennessee called 21 passing plays for VY. He completed 13 of them for 121 yards and threw two bad interceptions.

I did not expect VY to perform well against San Diego’s 3-4 defense. Expecting perfection from a rhythm quarterback on crucial third down plays when he was not the focus of the game plan is unreasonable.

Next Week: Kansas City … Kansas City here they come

Now begins Tennessee’s must-win series. The Titans are currently out of the wildcard hunt and have fallen behind the scrappy Buffalo Bills as a longshot contender. Ironically, a Bills win against the Cleveland Browns this weekend could help Tennessee’s playoff chances.

Tennessee must go to Kansas City and dominate a weak Chiefs team.

Go Titans!

Watch video highlights of the Titans-Chargers game by clicking here.


One thought on “Chargers 23, Titans 17

  1. TitansFan27 says:

    I agree with the part about how the Titans need a real playmaker on their team. If we get a great wide receiver such as T.O. or Randy Moss, I think we could be a great championship contender. Right now I think we are set at D-Line, O-Line, RB, QB, and LB. But we dont have the playmakers we need at WR and DB.

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