Eric Moulds serves as mentor to VY

Here’s a link to a nice article by ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha about Vince Young’s progress late in the quarterback’s second season. Titans receiver Eric Moulds has this to say about number 10:

“When he was in college, he was in an offense that was designed for him to run and throw. Now, he’s in a system where he has to pass first and then run. It’s still a transition for him.”

Vince Young and his Titans coaches are proving to have one thing that many Titans fans and critics do not have: patience.

“I’m starting to become more patient with my reads,” he said. “I’m learning that I don’t have to do everything by myself. We have plenty of talent, so all I have to do is play my role.”

The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain believes Vince Young is ahead of former Titans quarterback Steve McNair at this point in his career. I agree.

I hope fans understand how important it is that Vince Young is completing over 60 percent of his passes. A 60 percent completion percentage is an important benchmark for an NFL quarterback to achieve.


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