Titans playoff hopes dwindling

Over the past few weeks, I discovered a couple of websites that give the odds of your favorite NFL team making the playoffs.

Ken Roberts has developed SportsClubStats.com. Ken’s method of calculating odds is based on running millions of simulated games. He gives the Titans a 17.8 percent chance of making the playoffs overall and a 71.7 percent chance if they finish 2-0 this season.

PlayoffStatus.com appears to calculate its odds from league-based formulas. The picture is not as rosy for the Titans at PlayoffStatus.com, as the site gives Tennessee a five percent chance of grabbing the second AFC wildcard berth.

Intuitively, I agree with PlayoffStatus.com. It’s never a good situation for a team to hope for other teams to lose in order to make the playoffs. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the St. Louis Rams last night, so the Titans have to win its last two games and hope for the Cleveland Browns to collapse.

Cleveland faces the Bengals in Cincinnati. Cleveland can certainly lose this game; however, its final game is against the San Francisco 49ers at home. PlayoffStatus.com gives Cleveland an 81 percent chance of grabbing the final AFC wildcard spot to make the playoffs.

But as we know, it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Go Titans, and Go Bengals!


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