Titans 10, Jets 6

This belated post will be brief. There isn’t really much to say about last Sunday’s game other than it was boring and neither team generated much offensive punch, as evidenced by the score. Nevertheless, the Titans played well enough (on defense) to win, and LenDale White had another 100-yard rushing game. Fortunately, the Jets have as much trouble finishing drives as the Titans and did not score a touchdown.

As every Titans fan knows, if Tennessee wins in Indianapolis on Sunday night, they are in the playoffs and will likely have a rematch against the San Diego Chargers. I’d love to see the Titans get a second chance at San Diego after losing to them in week 15.

The Colts will likely rest its offensive starters for much of the game. This gives the Titans a better chance of winning, but Tennessee could lose if Peyton Manning gets hot early and gives the Colts a three touchdown league. I do not have tremendous confidence in the Titans ability to win a shootout. Tennessee must keep this game close regardless of who is under center for Indianapolis.

Go Titans! Make the playoffs!

Watch video highlights of the Titans-Jets game by clicking here.


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