Coach Fisher says he will fix the offense

In this article by the Tennessean’s Jim Wyatt, Titans coach Jeff Fisher says his priority is to improve Tennessee’s low-scoring offense.

“We need to score more points,” Fisher said. “It is a matter of everybody currently on the roster improving. And it is a matter of hoping to possibly obtain those types of players that can score touchdowns and continuing to work on it.”

Here’s a reminder from someone other than myself on what Vince Young deals with as a quarterback:

“It is the hardest position to play. Obviously it is the most scrutinized position, and I think if you look at some of the quarterbacks over a period of time, it has taken a few years, three or four or five years,” Fisher said.

And here’s Vince Young talking about something he doesn’t get credit for by his critics: his work ethic:

“I am going to take two weeks off and I am going back to work,” Young said. “Just seeing our team, how we went from way nothing to something now, that inspires myself, inspires the whole team to get back to work. That is what I am about to do and hopefully the whole team is about to do the same.”

The Titans defense managed to vault from almost-worst in 2006 to nearly-first in 2007. It sounds as if Fisher, Young and the Titans management will do what it takes to put a top-flight offense on the field in 2008.


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