Chow out, Heimerdinger in as Titans offensive coordinator

After the Tennessee Titans fired offensive coordinator Norm Chow on Tuesday, I thought it would be great if the team could develop a Denver Broncos-style offense, characterized by a strong running game and a passing game in which the quarterback frequently rolls out of the pocket to make plays with his arm or his feet.

I got my wish.

Today, the Titans hired Mike Heimerdinger, who was Denver’s assistant head coach, to lead the offense. Heimerdinger was formerly Tennessee’s offensive coordinator from 2000 to 2004.

I am an armchair quarterback and would not dare assume to know what it takes to be a good offensive coordinator. I do know there were occasions during last season in which I questioned Norm Chow’s playcalling. Hopefully Heimerdinger can tutor Vince Young and help the Titans offense score more points.

Also, most media and fans tend to focus only on the quarterback’s performance and, therefore, are under the false impression that Vince Young regressed in 2007. Fact: Vince Young threw more interceptions than touchdowns, but, given his experience and the lack of playmakers on his side of the ball, he made significant steps forward as a passer and convinced me once and for all he has what it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback.

It takes a lot of components to build a winning team and a potent offense. A good quarterback is only one piece of the puzzle. The Titans management recognizes this and hired a coach who can taylor an offense around a phenomenal athlete and call plays in a way that would please head coach Jeff Fisher: lots of running and play action passing.

Good luck, coach Heimerdinger.


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