Young discusses Heimerdinger, Chow, free agents

Here’s an excellent article by Jim Hyatt quoting Vince Young on a number of topics. Here’s VY on his new offensive coordinator, Mike Heimerdinger:

“I’ve heard some good stories about him and some bad stories. But to me, that is a coach. He has coached a lot of good quarterbacks, so obviously he is doing something right.’’

Nevertheless, Young was surprised the Titans fired offensive coordinator Norm Chow:

“He taught me a lot. I hated to see him go, but he is doing good where he is at, too, and I hope he does well,’’ Young said. “We were best friends just about, really.”

Finally, here are VY’s thoughts on the team acquiring free agents:

“If they go and get somebody, some new guys, that’s cool. But if not, the guys that we have, we can win with them, too. At the same time I know everybody wants a big-time receiver. I would love to have a Chad Johnson or those type guys. But the guys we have are big-time receivers as well and they can make a lot of plays.

Young is being diplomatic to his current teammates. The Titans need playmakers. Signing Alge Crumpler would be a good start for the Titans.


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