Pacman’s worn out his welcome in Tennessee

Titans head coach Jeff Fisher has made it clear: Adam “Pacman” Jones will never again suit up for the Tennessee Titans:

“We’ve given them permission to look for a new home and whatever happens after that happens,” Fisher told The Tennessean. “He’s entitled to his opinion. I know he has enjoyed the time that he has spent here on the football field. But because of his choices and such off the field, he’s created a situation where he’s going to have to look elsewhere.” (source)

Fisher’s statement comes in the wake of today’s news that the Dallas Cowboys are willing to offer a player in addition to a seventh-round draft pick for Pacman.

I have no problem with the Titans cutting ties with Jones. What’s problematic is that Tennessee selected Jones with the sixth pick in the 2005 draft and are faced with accepting a seventh-round draft pick for Jones’ services. I didn’t like the Titans decision to draft Jones. Letting him go for a seventh-round pick reflects poorly on Tennessee’s front office.

Perhaps this could work out more equitably for the Titans, depending on the player being offered by the Cowboys. How about one of the many good, young linebackers or defensive ends on Dallas’ roster?


One thought on “Pacman’s worn out his welcome in Tennessee

  1. Eric says:

    Good for Fisher and good for the Titans.Letting Jones go is a wise choice.You can’t let people in life do what they want.They gave him chances and now he has hit his third strike.Time to move on,and make an example.

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