Titans have advantage in Pacman trade talks

Tennessee’s front office, led by Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt, are not pushovers. They understand that suspended cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones is worth a lot to the Dallas Cowboys and are insisting on fair market value for the player’s services.

Right now, “fair market value” for Jones is too high for the Cowboys. Tennessee wants a fourth-round draft pick and an additional draft pick in 2009.

The Cowboys have themselves to blame. They are the only NFL team that has publicly expressed the desire for Pacman’s services.

Pacman’s well-publicized visit to Dallas last week did not help his or the Cowboys’ bargaining position. Jones only wants to play for Dallas.

If another team shows interest in Pacman, Dallas might be forece to offer a higher draft choice and/or a quality player to Tennessee.

The Dallas Cowboys needs to understand a fundamental fact: Adam “Pacman” Jones is still a Tennessee Titan. He was the sixth pick in the 2005 NFL draft.

There is still a possibility, albeit remote, that Pacman will play for the Titans in 2008 after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell lifts the suspension. In fact, Coach Fisher has left the door open for Pacman ever so slightly.

Dallas, if you want Pacman’s services, be prepared to compensate the Titans management as they wish to be compensated.


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