Titans get fourth round pick for Pacman

Adam Bernard Jones has been traded, and there is much rejoicing in Nashville. The suspended cornerback and his considerable baggage will be handled by the Dallas Cowboys. Tennessee gets a fourth round pick (pick #126) in exchange for Pacman.

How does this trade affect the Titans chances of drafting Limas Sweed, my preferred first round choice?

With the acquisition of Jones, the odds of the Cowboys picking a wide receiver with one of its two first round draft picks increased to 50 percent. I don’t think Dallas would have made this trade if he didn’t feel that, due to recent developments in the Las Vegas strip club shooting case, there is a good chance that Pacman will be reinstated.

However, the Minnesota Vikings will not choose a wide receiver in the first round, since it traded its pick to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for defensive end Jared Allen. Minnesota probably wouldn’t have drafted Sweed at pick 17 after signing Bernard Berrian to a $42 million free agent contract, and after drafting receiver Dwayne Bowe last year, the Chiefs will not draft a receiver with either of its two first round picks.

One less team stands between Limas Sweed and the Tennessee Titans, but there’s a increased chance that Sweed will be a Dallas Cowboy.


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