Johnson, Jones are Titans after unpredictable first day of draft

East Carolina running back Chris Johnson was the first player selected by the Tennessee Titans in today’s draft. I’m very happy the Titans drafted this speedy playmaker, but I’m surprised he was drafted in the first round. However, after no wide receivers were selected before Johnson, I have to trust Titans management in their estimation that receivers Devin Thomas and company were not worthy of a first round pick.

A few weeks ago, I made five predictions. I was completely wrong about prediction #1 but was partially right about prediction #4: The Titans did draft Johnson … but in the first round, not the second.

Coach Jeff Fisher is happy with the pick:

“We are going to plug him in whenever and wherever we can because we know he is a playmaker,’’ Coach Jeff Fisher said. “He has world-class, difference-making speed, which is what we need in the offense.’’

It’s become obvious to me that NFL general managers know a lot of things that fans and the media don’t know, and that their criteria for drafting players is different than what we have in mind. Donnie Avery was the first receiver drafted today. Who? Donnie Avery is now a St. Louis Ram. Devin Thomas was chosen two picks after Avery by the Washington Redskins, who also drafted receiver Malcolm Kelly later in the second round.

The Pittsburgh Steelers broke my heart twice today. Not only did they draft my favorite player in the draft, running back Rashard Mendenhall, one pick before Chris Johnson, they drafted receiver Limas Sweed one pick before the Titans in the second round. I’ll have my eye on the Steelers as I’m a fan of both Mendenhall and Sweed.

I imagine that the Denver Broncos’ decision to draft receiver Eddie Royal at pick #42 affected the Titans plans. I’m also shocked that Jordy Nelson was drafted at #36 by the Packers. I look forward to watching him play.

Ten receivers were selected in the second round. The Titans did not select any of them. They chose defensive end Jason Jones from Eastern Michigan. I’ve never heard of the guy, but that doesn’t mean anything. Tennessee needed depth at defensive end after losing Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy. The Titans believe they have a good player, so I wish him the best.

There are still some “change of pace” wide receivers available for the Titans, including Mario Manningham, Early
Doucet, Andre Caldwell and Earl Bennett.


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