Mawae reminds VY critics that it’s preseason

I’ve been intentionally quiet this preseason. It’s easy to make too much out of player performances this time of year, good or bad.

Vince Young did not play well Friday night against the Raiders, but by no means is this indicative of an overall lack of progress in his game. Here’s a great quote from Titans center Kevin Mawae:

“Fans and people are putting a whole lot of stock into a whole lot of nothing right now. He is a better leader in the huddle and on the field than he has been in the past … and he is becoming a better quarterback each and every week,” Mawae said. “I’ve heard the radio shows and (read) the articles in the paper and some of the fans, that Vince isn’t throwing the ball well and the timing is off. Well, you know what? We are only using a quarter of our offense right now and there are things he can do that other quarterbacks can’t do in this league.’’ (source)

‘Nuff said.

Young is currently learning to execute a second offense in his third professional season. Let’s wait until week ten before seriously asking if VY has what it takes to succeed in the NFL.


One thought on “Mawae reminds VY critics that it’s preseason

  1. Thank you! Somebody understands this. I am Broncos fan but any idiot who predicts the Titans will suck because of the Pre-Season is crazy. By the way, nice site.

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