VY improves in 3rd preseason game

I’ll admit I was a bit anxious when I saw the 3-17 final score in the Titans loss to the Atlanta Falcons. I was especially concerned that Vince Young had played poorly and that the Titans offense was not progressing positively.

Surprisingly, Young only played the first half. I expected the Titans coaches would leave him him well into the third quarter. He went 9-of-18 for 102 yards, no touchdowns (obviously) and one interception. Not great, but not as bad as his performances in the first two preseason games.

I’m starting to wonder if the Titans decision not to significantly upgrade its offense will backfire. Tight end Alge Crumpler is an experienced tight end, but is he a better downfield threat than Bo Scaife? Will the two Justins provide enough production at wide receiver?

According to this story, Tennessee’s starters should play well into the second half of this Thursday’s preseason game against this year’s most insane sports franchise, the Green Bay Packers.

Here’s a question I’ve haven’t seen. Should the Titans have drafted a quarterback to back up Vince Young?

Kerry Collins has performed well this preseason, but Friday night he was only 1-of-8. Collins is a trooper, but, despite his weight loss, his best days are long past.

Also, I wonder if Young needs a little extra motivation to keep improving. Not that you would want to undermine his confidence or encourage the VY haters, but I believe competition is always a good thing. A good, young backup quarterback could serve as that motivational spark for Young and provide the Titans with a player with upside, unlike Collins.


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