Don’t blame Vince if Titans slide in 2008

After two good, but not great, preseason performances, Vince Young is as ready as he’s going to be as the 2008 NFL season starts next week.

VY played the entire first half versus the Green Bay Packers in the Titans final preseason game. He went 13-of-27 for 134 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions. He also ran hard for 57 yards on three carries.

Recently, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger made it clear that he is more disappointed with his receiving corps than he is with his quarterback.

“I’d like to see guys get in the right spots so Vince knows where they’re going to be. If we’re not in the right spots, we’re not doing the right things, we’re not separating, it’s awful hard to look good throwing,” Heimerdinger said.

“I know everybody is like ‘It’s on Vince, it’s on Vince, it’s on Vince.’ Well, somebody has to also get some separation out there and get in the right spot. We need 11 on the same page and we’re all taking turns screwing up.”

Mike Heimerdinger could not be more clear. He has consistently stated that he is pleased with Vince Young’s performances and decision-making this preseason. Heimerdinger has a reputation for being tough on his players. He has no reason to protect Young.

The VY haters will ignore Heimerdinger’s assessment. They will conclude that Vince Young is making poor decisions and is not throwing accurately to a group of great receivers.

Aside from the two Justins and the team’s top two tight ends, the Titans receiving corps is young and inconsistent. Brandon Jones has great upside but has a reputation of not being a clutch player. Biren Ealy is an unproven wildcard who is now on the practice squad. Lavelle Hawkins is an unproven rookie.

Given the level of talent Young has had to work with over the past three years, his efforts are just short of heroic.

If Vince Young has a breakout season and the Titans go 11-5 this year, he deserves a lot of credit, because he does not have outstanding offensive weapons around him.

If the Titans go 8-8, don’t blame Vince.


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