Titans will go 11-5, make playoffs

For the first time, I will make extensive predictions about the Tennessee Titans 2008 season. I’m following in the footsteps of the staff of the Tennessean, whose predictions can be found here.

Titans Tracker Predictions:

Record at bye week: 4-1
(I’m picking the Titans to beat the Bengals in week 2, but something about that matchup bothers me. Perhaps it’s the memory of Cincinnati’s dominating home victory against Tennessee in 2007)
Record after eight games: 6-2
Record at LP Field: 4-4
(The Titans will be road warriors. Vince and the boys will perform better away from home.)
Record against Colts: 1-1
Record against Jaguars: 1-1
Record against Texans: 2-0
(As long as Vince Young is a Titan, and is healthy enough to play, Tennessee will never lose a game to the Houston Texans.)
Record overall: 11-5
(This was my prediction earlier this year, and I’m sticking to it.)
Playoffs? Yes
Vince Young passing TDs: 18
Vince Young rushing TDs: 8
(The 2006 Vince Young is back. Did anyone notice how hard he ran in the preseason?)
Vince Young completion percentage: 64
Vince Young interceptions: 14
Rushing leader: Chris Johnson
(If the Titans have any sense at all, Chris Johnson is the team’s starting running back after the bye-week.)
Receiving leader: Justin Gage
Most touchdowns: LenDale White
(Hopefully White will happily adjust to his role as backup/goal line running back.)
Final offensive rating: 18th
Sacks leader: Kyle Vanden Bosch
Interceptions leader: Michael Griffin
Final defensive ranking: 3rd

Game-by-Game Predictions

2. at Cincinnati: WIN
(As stated above, I’m concerned that the Bengals offense might explode.)
(Of course, I hope the Titans win every game, but predicting a 16-0 season is unrealistic, especially with a team led by a young quarterback and average receivers. I’m more concerned about Minnesota’s defense than the prospect of Adrian Peterson running wild.)
5. at Baltimore: WIN
6. at Kansas City: WIN
(If the Titans lose this game, they should be forced to walk back to Nashville.)
(The Colts are tough to beat, especially at home.)
(I’m not completely sold on this pick. I’m counting on Aaron Rodgers to fold once he’s hit a few times by the Titans defensive linemen.)
9. at Chicago: WIN
10. at Jacksonville: LOSS
(I have much respect for the Jaguars, the team I predict will win the AFC South this season. The Titans will finish second; the Colts are due for a bad year and will slip to third place, ahead of the Texans.)
(Two words: Brett Favre.)
12. at Detroit: WIN
(I’m looking forward to this matchup. Everyone’s drinking Cleveland Kool-Aid, and the Browns players talked a lot of smack after missing the playoffs last season, saying the Colts gave the Titans a week seventeen victory and a trip to the playoffs. I hope the Titans make a statement in this game, but it’s also a game that the Browns could win by outscoring Tennessee.)
14. at Houston: WIN
(I wonder if I’m giving too much credit to the Steelers, but, as with the Jaguars, I have much respect for this team. I also like Pittsburgh’s young coach, Mike Tomlin.)
16. at Indianapolis: WIN
(The NFL really needs to schedule this game a few weeks earlier — see Cleveland Browns commentary above — but I think the Colts will be either playing for a wild card spot or for pride.)

This team can win 11 games. However, I expect the defense will have to win two games outright, and the Titans will have to outscore the two Ohio teams to make it to 11 wins.

Go Titans!


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