Titans 31, Texans 12

What’s that noise? It’s the sound of the national media jumping off the Texans bandwagon.

Many experts predicted that the Titans would slip this season and that the Texans would make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. But, as I’ve said before, the Texans best quarterback, Sage Rosenfels, is on the team’s bench, and its defensive secondary is atrocious.

Tennessee’s defense, however, is another story.

Story of the Game: Titans Championship Defense shuts down Schaub

The Titans defense gave up over a hundred yards rushing to surprising rookie Steve Slaton, but intercepted Matt Schaub three times, including a franchise record 99-yard pick by Cortland Finnegan. Jevon Kearse, Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch each sacked Schaub once.

I think the Titans will have more than one member of its defense make the Pro Bowl trip to Hawaii this year. Let’s hope they’re not too tired from playing in this season’s Super Bowl.

Yes, I’m talking Super Bowl, for two reasons. One, the Titans defense is outstanding. Two, the last time Tennessee began a season 3-0, it made it to the big game.

This team is one of the best in the AFC and can make it to Super Bowl 43. I’m waiting for the mainstream media to start giving this team the respect it deserves.

The Other Story of the Game: Kerry Collins 

Collins did not get off to a good start. His first pass of the day was intercepted, and he struggled with consistency in the second half. Nevertheless, Collins is making good throws and is helping the offense sustain drives and score in the red zone.

Next Week: Minnesota Vikings

The Titans will have its toughest test this season when Minnesota travels to Nashville. The Vikings, like the Titans, decided to put its offense in the hands of a seasoned veteran (Gus Frerotte) instead of its third-year prospect (Tarvaris Jackson).

Tennessee had better be careful. Adrian Peterson is much better than Steve Slaton, and could have a big day against the Titans. Minnesota’s defense is tough. The Titans need a healthy Justin Gage to stretch the field on offense and should look for creative ways to get Chris Johnson involved in the offense.

Go Titans!

Watch video highlights of the Titans-Texans game by clicking here.

Bonus: Speaking of a creative offense, watch these highlights of the Dolphins big win over the Patriots. They’re fun to watch, especially if you don’t like New England.


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