Great article about VY

Elizabeth Merrill of wrote a great article which contains comments from close associates of Vince Young who speculate about what’s bothering the Titans quarterback. It’s definitely worth reading.

Here’s a quote from Texas Longhorn head coach Mack Brown that I believe gets to the heart of the matter:

“He’s a real pleaser,” Brown says. “He wants to please everybody. And to do that, he wants to be the best at what he does in everything he does and says. Here’s a young guy who’s got multimillions of dollars, and he comes back to school at Texas because he promised his mom he’d get his degree.

“He’s a good kid who wants to do good things for everybody. Sometimes, you get a little overloaded with all that good.”

I always tell those I know that I would never want to be famous. The vast majority of us will never know the pressures and demands of fame.

Vince Young might not enjoy being the Titans third-string quarterback, but I imagine that he’s getting a much-needed break.


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