Titans 13, Ravens 10

The game went exactly as expected. It was a close heavyweight fight which the Titans won on points.

There were fights on the field and fights between teammates. Defenses forced quarterbacks to throw interceptions. But the Titans scored last and now enjoy a 5-0 record as they head into a bye-week.

Story of the Game: Sideline Drama

Vince Young was in uniform for the first time since week one, but he wasn’t the source of the drama on the sideline in Baltimore. Cortland Finnegan had committed two personal fouls during the Ravens only touchdown drive. Linebacker Keith Bulluck had seen enough from his teammate and exchanged a few words with Finnegan. The exchange ended with Bulluck forcefully shoving Finnegan.

There was probably nothing to the confrontation beyond what happened during the game. However, I find it interesting that the confrontation involved these particular players. Finnegan is an emerging star at cornerback who has been getting a lot of positive press, while Bulluck remains the leader of the Titans defense but is a virtual unknown outside Nashville. MJD at Yahoo.com suggests there is beef between Bulluck and Finnegan.

The Other Story of the Game: Titans come from behind to win

The Baltimore Raven defense can make any offense look bad. I expected the Titans offense to struggle, and they did. Kerry Collins threw two interceptions in the first quarter, and LenDale White was held to four yards rushing on three carries.

Collins did come through on Tennessee’s last drive of the game. Trailing 13-6 with 6:07 on the clock, Collins, with much help from Bo Scaife, drove 80 yards down the field. The drive culminated with a Collins-to-Alge Crumpler touchdown pass with 1:56 left.

Vince Young

There was a Vince Young sighting. He was 0-of-0 for no yards with no touchdown passes and no interceptions.

Despite Kerry Collins’ regained self-confidence and the euphoria surroundng Collins among some Titans fans and members of the national press, I expect that Vince Young will start at quarterback for this team sooner than expected. I’ll explain why in an upcoming article.

Titans are 5-0

The New York Giants deserve to be considered as the best team in the NFL. However, the Titans are no longer a secret and are being given credit for its accomplishments thus far.

Here are my top questions as we approach the bye week:

1. Can the defense stay healthy and sustain its supreme effort through December?
2. How will Mike Heimerdinger find ways to get Chris Johnson more involved in the team’s offense?
3. When will Jeff Fisher decide to bench Kerry Collins and get VY back on the field?

Go Titans!

Watch video highlights of the Titans-Vikings game by clicking here.

Bonus: Sage Rose ‘N’ Fel’ against the Colts

If you read this blog, you know I believed that quarterback Sage Rosenfels should start for the Texans. During most of Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, he was confirming my thoughts, along with those of Texans fans who wanted Matt Schaub benched. That is, until Rosenfels decided he was the second coming of Michael Vick.

At least Rosenfels was man enough to admit that he lost the game for the Texans. Yes, Bill Cowher is right to say that the Texans should have been running the football with a 17-point lead late in the fourth quarter, but no one told Sage to imitate a helicopter and to be so careless with the football. Click here to see the good, the bad, and the ugly from Rosenfels’ performance.

I really feel bad for Houston football fans. In a state dominated by Cowboys fans, Houstonians suffered through the ups and downs of the Oilers and saw its team move to Tennessee, where the Titans made it to the Super Bowl Today, the former Oilers are undefeated, and the Texans are completely deflated.


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