George, McNair, Wycheck join Ring of Honor

Eddie George, Steve McNair and Frank Wycheck will be added to the Titans/Oilers Ring of Honor during Monday night’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. I find it interesting that all three played for the Houston Oilers. Wycheck began his career with the Washington Redskins.

George, McNair and Wycheck join the following men in the Ring of Honor:

– Bud Adams, owner, founded franchise in 1959
– Elvin Bethea, DE, Oilers, 1968-83
– George Blanda, QB/PK, Oilers, 1960-66
– Earl Campbell, RB, Oilers, 1978-84
– Mike Holovak, GM, Oilers, 1989-93
– Ken Houston, S, Oilers, 1967-72
– Warren Moon, QB, Oilers, 1984-93
– Jim Norton, P, Oilers, 1960-68
– Bruce Matthews, OL, Oilers/Titans, 1983-2002
– Mike Munchak, G, Oilers, 1982-93
(list courtesy of the Tennessean)

All the players on the above list are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Are Eddie George, Steve McNair and Frank Wycheck Hall-of-Famers?

I think George will be the first of the trio to be inducted, but I don’t think he’ll go in on the first ballot.

McNair is a borderline Hall of Famer. He might be inducted many years in the future. Too bad there isn’t a Tough Guy Hall of Fame.

I don’t know about Wycheck. Being a tight end works against him, but he had 505 catches at that position.

Congratulations to the three Oilers/Titans.


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