No Fun League slaps $10K fine on Johnson

Chris Johnson’s decision to play drums after his touchdown run will cost him $10,000. The NFL has fined Johnson for his celebration during last Sunday’s game in Kansas City.

There’s no fun in this league. I was trying to have fun and they want to penalize us for having fun.”

You’re right, Chris. Football is a business. All business. You can’t show emotions after scoring a touchdown, and if you tackle a player too hard, or in the wrong place, you’ll be fined.

Chris Johnson did not taunt another player. What he did was not classless. He simply found a set of drums and played them for a few seconds. What a way to lose ten grand.

The sad thing is that the NFL will not lighten up, and players will be fined more and more for dishing out hard tackles.

Maybe some entrepreneurs will create another professional football league that allows players to tackle and have fun while playing.


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