Why the Titans will win the AFC

The good folks at MVN invited me to be a part of this week’s Great Debate: Will Tennessee win the AFC? Here’s what I said:

Most fans will say Albert Haynesworth and the Titans defense are the reason why Tennessee will win the AFC. Others will credit quarterback Kerry Collins and the running back tandem of LenDale White and Chris Johnson. Not to be overlooked is defensive-minded head coach Jeff Fisher and his conservative offensive philosophy. Leadership and winning start at the top. The Titans will win the AFC because of its team-first approach. The Titans will allow no player, including Vince Young, to become more important than the team. Tennessee has a great chance to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Go Titans!

I found a couple of things interesting from the other responses and comments:

1. Tennessee is being criticized for “not playing anyone.” I beg to differ. Jacksonville, Baltimore and Minnesota were tough opponents. A team can only play the schedule it’s given, and the Titans have handled its business.

Tennessee has five tough opponents ahead, starting with the Colts on Monday night. It’s time for the Titans to earn the respect of their critics.

2. It’s interesting that, outside of a subset of Titans fans, that most of us realize that Kerry Collins is, well, Kerry Collins. I am happy that Collins is doing what he’s being asked to do, but Vince Young, like it or not, is the franchise quarterback and will start again … someday.


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