No more Titans predictions

Back on September 4, I made the mistake of predicting the outcome of each of the Titans games this season.

I don’t like making predictions. An obvious point: we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, and the NFL is always full of strange occurrences and pleasant surprises.

Prior to my predictions, I had made a conscious effort to avoid following the lead of the mainstream media and other Titans bloggers by writing articles with an unique perspective. Nevertheless, I succumbed to temptation and took an idea from the Tennessean newspaper and made it my own.

Both I and the Tennessean reporters were wrong.

One thing I’ve learned is to never again make preseason predictions.

I expected the Titans to be 6-2 at midseason, with losses to Minnesota and Indianapolis. I knew the Titans had a strong defense and would find ways to use speedy running back Chris Johnson. Well, the Titans defense is exceptional (although it has slipped over the past two games) and is largely responsible for the team’s success. Albert Haynesworth is the Titans defensive MVP and has six sacks. Johnson is fourth in the NFL in rushing and leads the AFC with 715 yards on the ground.

Who could have predicted that, after eight games:

  • LenDale White would leads the league in touchdowns scored with ten?
  • Cortland Finnegan and Michael Griffin would share the league lead in interceptions with four?
  • Vince Young would be benched for seven games?
  • The Titans would be 8-0?

Amazingly, in the season’s final game, the Titans might be resting its players, and the Indianapolis Colts might be fighting for a wildcard spot in the playoffs.

What do I hope to see from the Titans in the second half of the season?

I hope:

  • The Titans win the AFC South with at least 12 victories
  • Chris Johnson leads the league in rushing
  • The Titans passing game improves
  • Albert Haynesworth is the league’s defensive MVP
  • Vince Young gets playing time, starting with the Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit.

Go Titans! Beat the Bears!


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