Peter King disses Young, Adams in favor of Collins

Last week, I asked if Sports Illustrated’s Peter King has been listening to head coach Jeff Fisher’s support of Vince Young as the Titans quarterback of the future. I think we have our answer.

I am baffled at the contempt King is directing at Young.

Note that I did not say “baffled at the criticism.” I’m a fan of Young, but I have been critical of him in the past. I do not excuse his poor decisions on the field or his poor behavior off the field.

However, it is one thing to criticize a person, and another thing to attempt to humiliate him in print.

Also, it is never a good thing when someone needs to put down one person to exalt another. This is exactly what Peter King has been doing.

King believes Collins deserves a new contract, and has been campaigning on Collins’ behalf. But, as in political campaigns, there is one winner, and one or more losers. Is Peter King campaigning on behalf of the wrong candidate?

Titans owner Bud Adams take a hit in King’s latest swipe at Young in today’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” article:

Tennessee has to sign Kerry Collins to a fair-market deal, even if it means Vince Young has to sit behind him for two more years … or if it means the Titans lose Bud Adams’ favorite boy toy.

In the article, King hints at something I have suspected all season. He thinks Collins is the equal of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.

Now, I know the phrase King uses in his column is “pulling a Kurt Warner,” meaning, winning games in place of a quarterback drafted in the 2006 NFL draft who is not living up to expectations (Vince Young, Matt Leinart). But since King has been so relentless in his campaign this season, I think a bit of objective analysis is due.

Below is a statistical comparison of Collins and Warner.

2008 Stats (as of week 11, 2008 season)
Warner: 70.9 completion percentage, 3,155 yards, 21 TDs, 7 Ints
Collins: 59.0 completion percentage, 1,755 yards, 8 TDs, 4 Ints

Warner is completing 71 percent of his passes in a high-risk offense and has a 3:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Collins TD-to-Int ratio is 2:1.

Career Stats (as of week 11, 2008 season)
Warner: 65.7 completion percentage, 27,163 yards, 172 TDs, 107 Ints
Collins: 55.7 completion percentage, 36,472 yards, 182 TDs, 176 Ints

Warner’s record as a starter is 55-40. Collins is 76-82.

Vince Young is 18-11.

King says there can be no more questioning of Collins. I beg to differ.

Let me be clear. I am glad Collins is playing well for the Titans this season, but I question whether Young should be relegated to the bench for the next two to three seasons.

Also, I am not attempting to humiliate King or Collins. I would not be writing about King if he had not continually expressed his contempt of Young.

In “Open Letter to Vince Young“, I said the Tennessee Titans quarterbacking job might be the easiest in the NFL. Collins and Young are both capable of executing offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger’s playbook and succeeding within Jeff Fisher’s run-first philosophy.

Will the Titans resign Collins? We will see.

Does Collins deserve a new contract?

Does Vince Young deserve to sit in 2009 and 2010?


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