Article discusses fundamentals of Titans success

Neema Hodjat of has written an excellent article about the Titans. In “Titans Are Built The Old-Fashioned Way“, Hodjat discusses the building blocks of the Tennessee Titans’ success: a well-run organization, the offensive and defensive lines, and a strong running game. Hodjat believes the Titans have an excellent chance to win the Super Bowl, because the organization has the right elements in place for long-term success.

Strong leadership starts at the top. Hodjat credits the Titans for keeping Coach Jeff Fisher in the fold long-term and for hiring General Manager Mike Reinfeldt to manage this team in a sound fashion:

Coaching continuity allows a team to instill its philosophy and allows players to learn the intricacies of the system in place, rather than having to adapt to new systems on a regular basis. Furthermore, the Titans have had the opportunity to draft and sign players that fit the team’s system (hopefully, Al Davis is taking note of this). Fisher has a terrific defensive mind and likes to emphasize the running game on offense (not surprising when you examine the Titans’ season).

General Manager Mike Reinfeldt joined the Titans in 2007, moving over from the Seattle Seahawks. Reinfeldt brought with him, among other skills, an expertise in cap management and several years of experience in player evaluation. The Titans have locked up several key players to long term deals. The team will not overspend on marginal players in free agency (someone needs to bring this strategy to Al Davis’ attention) and, thus, will have money available to sign its best players.

Reinfeldt’s conservative free agent strategy was questioned this past offseason. While I still believe the Titans need a game changer at wide receiver, I respect Reinfeldt’s decision to not out of desperation.

The Titans are winning with Kerry Collins at quarterback, Justin Gage as its number one receiver, and rookie running back Chris Johnson. Its offensive and defensive lines are among the best in the NFL. It’s hard to argue with success.


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