Rhoden, others still intrigued by Young

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Due to heightened media attention as a result of the Tennessee Titans’ success, football fans are discovering new stars such as Cortland Finnegan and Chris Johnson, and recognizing established players such as Albert Haynesworth, Keith Bullock and Kerry Collins. Even so, many observers are still very interested in Vince Young.

The Vince Young saga of 2008 will have legs long after this season ends. Many, including I, will view it as the turning point at which Young’s career takes off like a Houston Rocket, or sinks like the Titanic.

William C. Rhoden wrote a nice article about VY for the New York Times. Here’s a quote:

Young’s benching is the end, for now at least, of new-age quarterbacks on the brink of redefining of the quarterback position. With Michael Vick behind bars, Young on the bench and Donovan McNabb morphed more or less into a pocket passer, the league’s quarterback pool has reverted to the statue-like signal-callers who hang tough in the pocket, protected by rules designed to keeping defensive linemen and linebackers at bay.

Young finished Sunday’s game standing by himself standing on the Titans’ sideline watching the Jets thrash his previously unbeaten Titans.

They may need him yet.

Longhorn fans learned to never count Vince Young out. Will Young recapture the magic that helped him lead Texas to a national championship?

Will he recapture his job with the Titans? Are the stars aligning for a storybook ending to the 2008 season, with Vince Young playing the starring role?

I can’t wait to find out.


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