Titans 47, Lions 10

Thankfully, there were no surprises in today’s game.

The Lions were awful, and the Titans won the game with ease.

After Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets, the Titans made it clear they wanted to reestablish the running game. Smash and Dash both went over 100 yards rushing, and some guy who wears number 10 played quarterback late in the game.

Story of the Game: Johnson and White carry Titans offense

Chris Johnson struck quickly with a 58-yard touchdown run midway through the first quarter. Johnson had over 100 yards rushing and two touchdowns before halftime.

LenDale White figured to get most of the carries today after complaining about his lack of involvement in the Jets game. White finished with two touchdowns and 106 yards on 23 carries.

The Other Story of the Game: Vince Young plays

For weeks, I had hoped Vince Young would play today. Due to Kerry Collins’ success and to the Lions’ pitiful state, I suspected that today’s game might be the only chance Young would play during the regular season.

Young went into the game in the fourth quarter. He completed one short pass that Ahmard Hall took for 53 yards.

It was nice seeing him under center. Having Vince Young play quarterback for the Titans quarterback is not such a bad thing.

Defensive line dominates Detroit

What a day for backup defensive end Dave Ball.

Ball intercepted a Daunte Culpepper pass and scored a touchdown. He also forced a fumble, made two tackles, and had a sack.

Jacob Ford, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Kevin Vickerson also had sacks. Albert Haynesworth was a catalyst as he manhandled the Lions offensive linemen who stood in his way.

The hapless Detroit Lions

I enjoyed the Titans’ performance, but it’s always hard for me to watch a truly awful team struggle.

I remember what it was like as a Houston Oilers fan in the mid 1980s. From 1982 to 1986, the Oilers stunk. Earl Campbell’s better days were behind him, and quarterback Warren Moon was adjusting to life as an NFL quarterback after spending six years in the Canadian Football League.

The Lions have one potential superstar on offense (Calvin Johnson) and not much else. Its defense is the worst in the NFL against the run and it showed today.

Detroit may not win a game this season. That would be a shame. The Lions have a long and storied history as an NFL franchise. The fans in Michigan deserve better.

Let the rebuilding begin.

Next Week: The Cleveland Browns

Before the 2008 season began, some observers thought the Cleveland Browns would be the team that would prevent the Titans from earning a wildcard spot in the playoffs. Today, the Browns are 4-7, Brady Quinn is out for the season, and the team faces the surging Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

The Titans will have plenty of time to rest, relax and prepare for the Browns. Another solid performance will give Tennessee a good chance for its 12th victory.

Go Titans!

Watch video highlights of the Titans-Lions game by clicking here.


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