Article documents Oilers Astrodome appearances on Monday Night Football

Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle has written an excellent article in anticipation of the Houston Texans’ first appearance on Monday Night Football. Robertson recaps all fourteen Monday Night Football games that featured the Houston Oilers in the Astrodome.

Here is Robertson’s description of the game that featured one of Earl Campbell’s greatest performances:

Nov. 20, 1978: Oilers 35, Dolphins 30. Howard Cosell almost swallowed his toupee when rookie Earl Campbell broke for 81 yards down the right sideline in the fourth quarter for his fourth touchdown of the night, capping a 199-yard game and giving the Oilers a 35-23 lead. But Bob Griese, who threw for 349 yards, wasn’t fully thwarted until Steve Kiner cradled a Griese pass that Mike Reinfeldt deflected with about three minutes left. (Frank Gifford, Howard Cosell, Don Meredith)

The web page featuring Robertson’s article has a video of the Chronicle’s John McClain and Anna-Megan Raley discussing the Oilers on Monday Night Football.


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