Titans won’t draft Harvin, but they should

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Last spring, I was so pleased the Titans drafted Chris Johnson.

I watched in awe as Johnson ran a 4.24 at the 2008 NFL Combine. I saw highlights of his career at East Carolina and wondered what he could do for the Titans offense.

If the Baltimore Ravens defense had not tried to snap CJ in two last Saturday, the Titans might still be in the playoffs.

Yeah, I know. It’s time to move on.

But can you imagine if the Titans had two Chris Johnsons? Or, Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush?

Here’s what draft guru Mel Kiper, Jr. said about Florida running back/wide receiver Percy Harvin:

“He’s like a Reggie Bush to me. Explosive. I think he’s Reggie Bush. He’s great in the slot, just give him the ball. I think he’ll be that utility player, a jack of all trades. I really believe in the NFL, he’ll be a lot like that.”

The Titans could have a dynamic combination if they drafted Harvin.

The NFL is a copycat league. Some GM will look at the success Chris Johnson is having, and the potential of a healthy Reggie Bush, and draft Harvin as his team’s new offensive sparkplug.

If only Tennessee would consider drafting Harvin. But they probably won’t.

The Titans don’t draft wide receivers in the first round. I don’t have a problem with that.

But Harvin can play receiver and running back.

What if Harvin had been available last Saturday versus the Ravens?

I can only imagine.


2 thoughts on “Titans won’t draft Harvin, but they should

  1. Harvin is a great player and I think that it is getting to the point where the Titans might actually consider getting him. He is fantastic and you are right, with him you would have won against the Ravens.

  2. […] in January, I drooled over the prospect of former Florida Gator Percy Harvin becoming a Tennessee […]

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