Ealy’s gone

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Biren Ealy will no longer be a Tennessee Titan.

The player appropriately dubbed “everybody’s former favorite practice squad wide receiver” by MusicCityMiracles.com  plans to sign with the New Orleans Saints, according to a report by the Tennessean’s Jim Wyatt.

Ealy’s agent, George Tarry, says that his client has decided it’s time to move on after spending the past two seasons on the Titans practice squad.

According to Ealy’s bio on the Tennessee Titans website, Vince Young recommended that the team sign the receiver in 2007. Ealy was undrafted after playing at the University of Houston.

Biren Ealy has made many fans as the underdog we hoped would get a chance to shine on the big stage. We wish him luck as he makes a bid for playing time with the Saints.


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