Kuharsky’s must-read article about Haynesworth

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ESPN blogger and former Tennessean sports columnist Paul Kuharsky has written a lengthy, thorough and compelling article on why the Titans need to sign Albert Haynesworth as soon as possible:

They should woo Haynesworth now, the way he will be wooed in a couple of weeks. Send his kids some gifts — I’m thinking a house call from Ringling Bros. Send a limo to pick him up and take him out to dinner at his favorite fine restaurant. Sell him on the benefits of no state income tax, the unfinished business of the 2008 team, and the legacy he can have as a Titan. Make him feel loved — because besides the money, that’s the biggest thing coming with market freedom. Show him how guys like Reggie White and Michael Turner qualify as exceptions by illustrating how many guys who’ve made big moves in free agency have never been as good. Ask Jevon Kearse to share his Philadelphia story.

I agree with Kuharsky that Haynesworth will not sign with the Titans if the team allows him to become a free agent on February 27. Watch this NFL Network interview of Haynesworth and you will likely conclude he is on a mission to secure his financial future, above all other considerations.

I think Haynesworth is leaving. I hope the Titans surprise me and sign him.


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