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In a curious move, the San Francisco 49ers signed free agent wide receiver Brandon Jones to a five-year contract worth $16.5 million, which includes $5.4 million in guaranteed money.

Jones saw increased playing time with the Tennessee Titans in 2008, catching 41 passes for 546 yards and one touchdown.

Jones is the second wide receiver (Jabar Gaffney) to sign a contract during the initial free agent signing period in 2009.

Did the Titans make a mistake by letting him go? His new contract isn’t that large. Also, Coach Jeff Fisher praised Jones during his season-ending press conference:

I had a real good conversation with a number of players as they were departing today, Brandon Jones in particular. I thought Brandon Jones improved significantly this year and I reminded Brandon about Derrick Mason’s road and how it took Derrick three or four years. Despite the fact that you may not care for Derrick’s antics on the field, Derrick is a real good player and it took Derrick time. You just keep working. You work to get better and then all the sudden it happens for you.

So what happened between the Titans and Jones?

Even if we never get an answer, this has to mean the Titans will sign a free-agent or draft a player to become Tennessee’s new number two receiver.

UPDATE: When interviewed by the San Francisco Examiner, Brandon Jones had this to say about himself:

“I’m young. I haven’t reached my full potential. I was in an offense that didn’t throw much. I’m ready to elevate, step up my game. I know my days ahead are my best days.”

He leaves one “run-first” offense to play for another team that, according to this article, wants to become a power running team.

Curious indeed.


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