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Life just got a little easier for Vince Young.

Chris Simms, who spent last season as the Titans third-string quarterback, signed a two-year deal with the Denver Broncos. Simms may have a chance to start if the Broncos front office can’t kiss and make up with Jay Cutler. Cutler, last year’s starting quarterback, is not happy after recently being the subject of trade rumors.

Simms’ departure from Tennessee eliminates the possibility of a competiton between him and Young for the Titans backup quarterback job, and it all but guarantees that Young will be a Titan in 2009.

Kerry Collins is the Titans starting quarterback, but at age 36, he is not the future of the franchise. As of today, it’s Vince Young and no one else.

This could change if the Titans draft a quarterback early in next month’s NFL draft, but after losing Albert Haynesworth and Brandon Jones to free agency, the Titans have greater priorities.

That’s a good thing if you’re a fan of number 10, and great if you’re the man himself. Word on the street is that Vince has a new attitude. Of course, he can go nowhere but up after the 2009 season, otherwise known as “Vince Young’s Year Off.”

According to his agent, Major Adams, Young has increased his level of preparation during this offseason and wants a chance to compete for the starting quarterback job.

“He is not asking for a trade or anything. He loves the organization, loves (Titans owner) Bud Adams, and he wants to be in Tennessee. But he still wants to play, and is approaching this offseason like he’s going to.”

This is sweet music to the ears of Vince Young fans.

Last winter, Young was in Austin taking classes at the University of Texas. Currently, he’s working out and will likely spend as much time as possible in Nashville over the coming months.

I guess Young heard Coach Jeff Fisher loud and clear in January when he said, “We expect 100 percent commitment from Vince and will accept nothing less than that.”

If Young has NFL talent, and if he continues to dedicate himself to understanding NFL defenses and playing Titans football, we will see an improvement on the field during the preseason.

One thing Vince can no longer do is play to please fans. He must play for himself, his teammates and the franchise. If he plays well, fans will cheer for him. If he doesn’t, and fans boo, he has to take it in stride and continue to compete.

I remain confident that the Titans will give Young a fair chance to win the starting job. After last year’s lost season, a fair chance is all he can ask for.

Will Vince Young resurrect his career and fulfill his promise as the future of the Titans? Apparently he’s giving it his best shot. This will be fun to watch.


One thought on “Vince Young’s job prospects are improving

  1. Patrick Addison says:

    The one year which Kerry Collins and Vince Young had the same personnel to work with, which was his rookie year, VY outperformed Kerry Collins. Remember rookie VY got the Titans almost into the playoffs after taking over for a veteran who with the same personnel could not stop losing. Vince got the Titans into the playoffs his second year with his top two receivers gone (Bennet, Roby), his most explosive running back gone (Travis Henry), a bad kickoff return avg due to the loss of Pacman Jones, his fullback hurt, his receivers dropping the ball, RB Lendale hurt with a foot injury, his thigh injury, Bo Scaife hurt etc… Kerry Collins had a better running game, a better receiving core, a better return game, a new OC (Mike Heimerdinger), a better defense, better health etc…

    It is my contention that with VY at QB the Titans would have won, at the very least their first game in the playoffs, since his record showed improvement from year 1 to year 2. I am not saying that VY does not need to mature; but, I am saying that he is being victimized by revisionist history and straw man arguments.

    Does anyone remember how many games Troy Aikman won at the beginning of his career (as a rookie) or how many interceptions Ben Roethlisberger threw last year compared to how many touchdowns he threw?

    If the Titans start VY as QB and get him a speed receiver who can stretch the field (and catch the ball), the titans will win the Superbowl this year. With the addition of Chris Johnson at RB, upgraded WR position and strong TE play this team is just what the doctor ordered for VY. Don’t forget VY is a playmaker (not a pedestrian game manager) and remember the Rose Bowl!



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