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Cornerback Chris Carr has left Nashville to become a member of the Baltimore Ravens. He is expected to sign with the Ravens tomorrow.

Carr, the multi-talented cornerback and returner, had a productive year for the Titans in 2008. Carr had 31 tackles, 32 punt returns, 35 kick returns and one game-changing interception in week eleven versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Undoubtedly, Carr was seeking an expanded role beyond nickel cornerback and punt returner. He will have an opportunity to start in Baltimore, as the Ravens released Chris McAlister and reportedly plans to release former Titan Samari Rolle.

Perhaps Rolle will consider returning to the Titans to finish his career, as Jevon Kearse did last year.

Chris Carr is the type of player I would have liked the Titans to keep on its roster. He displayed his versatility and performed on the field when needed. I wish him well as he gets a chance to step up his game and get paid in Baltimore.


One thought on “Carr leaves for Baltimore

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