Cutler on the trading block

Jay Cutler’s days as a Denver Bronco are numbered.

In a story infinitely more compelling than the Titans’ decision to sign the much-maligned cornerback DeMarcus Faggins, Broncos President and CEO Pat Bowlen issued a statement which unequivocally begins the separation process between the Broncos and disgruntled quarterback Jay Cutler.

“Numerous attempts to contact Jay Cutler in the last 10 days, both by Head Coach Josh McDaniels and myself, have been unsuccessful.

A conversation with his agent earlier today clearly communicated and confirmed to us that Jay no longer has any desire to play for the Denver Broncos.

We will begin discussions with other teams in an effort to accommodate his request to be traded.”

Talk about a bad breakup. Bronco madness, indeed.

The news will provide a temporary high for a handful of Titans fans who are wishfully thinking that Cutler, the former Vanderbilt star, will be traded to Tennessee.

It ain’t happening, folks.

I see Cutler in a Jets or a Buccaneers uniform in 2009. Surely he and his agent, Bus Cook, won’t accept a trade to the hapless Detroit Lions.

I’m sure I’ve said this before on this blog: I am a fan of all quarterbacks. The quarterback position is the single most difficult position to master in all of sport. I hope this turns out to be a positive move for Cutler, and that he doesn’t become the next Jeff George, a guy with a golden arm who couldn’t get along with his NFL bosses.


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